Best Cat Toy Ever

My cats have a few wonderful Feline God Mothers who keep them as spoiled as we do. They love their Ikea tents and their tunnel, but for Christmas this year they got perhaps the best interactive cat toy ever: an adjustable turbo track.

They both were immediately drawn to it. The figure 8 seems to be the most fun because they lose it under the crossover and it’s more fun to pounce on it. There are a variety of shapes you can create by easily snapping the pieces on and off.

If you want one of these for your cat just do a Google search for ‘turbo track’. In the U.S the big box stores should have them.

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My Cat’s Daily Agenda

The other day I found Serenity’s Day Planner hidden behind the litter box. Here’s her schedule from Monday Feb. 9, 2015:

5-6 am – Wake the people up before the alarm goes off. WAAAY before.

6:15 am  – Get the people downstairs to feed me.

6:30- 7 am – Run around the house like I’m being chased or chasing something even though there is nothing there.

7:30 am – Find the warm spot in the bed the people left and sleep.

11:30 am – Bug the one people that stays at home to feed me lunch.

12:00 – Run around the house. Find my sister and irritate her until she hisses or bites me.

12:30 pm – Back to bed for much-needed rest.

2:00 pm – Get up. Rub my face on stuff.

2:30 pm – Chew on the blind’s pull cord in the hallway. Do this until yelled at.

3:00 pm – Nap

4:30 pm – Dinner.

5-7 pm – Free time.

7:00 pm – Prance in front of the TV while the people watch me.

8:00 pm – Push my toys under the closet door or couch. Maybe both.

9:00 pm – Sit on warm belly of the female person. Purr if she doesn’t get all fidgety.

10:00 pm  – Start meowing at the people that it’s time to go to bed.

11:00 pm – Finally! Sleep!



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Cat Meets Dolphins

Here’s an extreme example of the curious cat… and dolphin! Thank you to the family who filmed this and shared it on Youtube.

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Best Cat Toy Ever: The Cat Tent

It’s a loftly claim, I know, because old standby’s like the paper bag and ball of yarn have been standard cat toys forever. I don’t generally find store bought toys to be at all superior to the average household object. An empty box (aka ‘cat trap’) keeps my girls entertained for hours and sometimes days. But then this cat tent came into our lives and changed everything.

I’m tempted to call this a Kitty PupTent, but that sounds like a mixed metaphor. Whatever its name, it’s hands down the best toy my cats have ever had. This one, orange with a camouflage pattern of cats, birds, and rabbits, is from Ikea and was a gift from my friend Deirdre (fellow cat lover).

Camouflage cat tent

Serenity claims squatters rights on the tent

The instant I put the cat tent together Serenity, our classic silver Mau, made it her own. She never gave her sister a chance to even try it out. It has been her home base and her safety spot ever since.  She sits in it, she sleeps in it, and occasionally, well, she does this:

We’ve had this tent for a couple of years now and it shows little sign of destruction despite it’s obvious abuse. It never comes apart either. Paws up to whoever made this thing. You’ve made my cat very happy.

Why adopt a cat?
Why my cat is hungry every two hours. 

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The ‘I Want’ Ad by The Animal Humane Society

I don’t know how I missed this wonderful PSA for the Animal Humane Society when it was posted last year, but maybe you missed it, too. In that case, please check it out.

Ok, so if you’re a Negative Nelly you might say it’s wrong to personify cats as people by having them talk, and that it’s too manipulative. To that I’d say, you’re cats don’t talk to you??

And so what if this commercial is manipulative. That’s what good advertising is supposed to do; make you take action. And the Animal Humane Society has so many wonderful little four-legged souls that really do need their nails done and someone to love. I hope this commercial inspires you or someone you pass it on to. I already have two little souls in my house, so when I see this ad – especially the part about needing a warm belly to sleep on – I go grab my cat Serenity, and teary-eyed, I give her a big hug. Because she loves a warm belly and it’s good for me to remember how much we need each other.

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Why My Cat is Hungry Every Two Hours

My Egyptian Mau Serenity is always hungry. Not just the ‘she could eat if you gave her something’ kind of hungry, but begging to be fed, dancing around my legs meowing kind of hungry. I’ve never had a cat that wanted to eat as much as she does. And this got me to wondering why she is so hungry all the time. The answer, in the form of a drawing, came to me pretty quickly after observing her for a day.

cat stomach

Serenity is a bit like a goat and eats everything; cat toys, stuff on the floor, dried flowers and plants, carpet fuzz (that she’s dug up with her own claws), and bugs. As a result, I estimate (see drawing above) that she only has one quarter of the capacity of her little feline stomach left for actual food. The other three quarters is full of junk she’s eaten that’s not exactly food.

Anyone know how to vacuum out a cat’s stomach?

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What My Cats and NASCAR Have in Common

Serenity shows off  her racing stripes

Serenity shows off her racing stripes.

 Brought to you by the
Egyptian Mau Racing Team

My cats don’t eat; they refuel. A quick pit stop for salmon treats and they’re right back out on the track, ready to race and bring home the trophy.

Serenity, or silver classic Mau, even has racing stripes on her back. She’s just one pile of freeze dried salmon treats and a few sponsors away from joining NASCAR!

Let me share two important facts about Egyptian Mau cats:

  1. They are the fastest domestic cat, clocked at over 30 miles an hour.
  2.  They are greatly energized immediately after eating.

I’ve watched Persian cats get so sleepy over a meal that they practically fell into the bowl. But Maus not only leave the meal feeling awake, they burn rubber. For at least an hour they race around the house, chasing each other and jockeying for lead position. What they need is an oval track, a pit crew, and a crowd of adoring fans. Or maybe less of those salmon treats.

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Mau versus Maus

The Egyptian word for cat is Mau, which is where my ‘Maus in the House’ blog title comes from. Egyptian Mau cats are often called ‘maus’ by us cat lovers. After my last post, I got a comment from @peter_berlich that maus in German means ‘mouse’. Pretty ironic, right? Cat and mouse. Even more ironic is that my maus are terrible at catching mice! Or any critter. Here’s a typical scene in our house…

One morning, in the wee hours before daylight, I could hear my cats playing. Thumping paws, tails and bodies smacking on the floors and against the walls aren’t unusual during one of their feline smack downs, but after awhile I could still hear them. A good smack down ends after a few minutes (to allow for ruffled fur to be tended to) so I began to suspect/dread what was really going on.

I rolled over on my back to listen some more. Quiet. Then thumping into the closet. Quiet. More thumping out of the closet and toward the bathroom door. More thumping back into the closet.

They had a bug. And they were torturing the poor thing by not really killing it, just chasing it all around and trying to figure out what to do about it.

Serenity stalking (from the bug's perspective)

After about 20 minutes (yes, I lay there pretending ignorance), it was Serenity, our silver classic Mau, who knew just what to do. She thumped onto my chest and touched her cold little terra cotta colored nose to mine. I opened one eye. “What?”

“Meeeeeew!” She looked very worried and it was clear from her cry that she thought the matter was urgent.

“What’s that Timmy? Someone’s fallen down the well?”

“Meeeeeew! Meeeeeew!” She never appreciates my Lassie jokes. Wrong species, I guess.

So, at o’dark-thirty I drag myself out of bed, identified the intruder (a June bug, nerves frazzled), grabbed a heavy shoe from the closet, and squished it.

Now, a note for those who don’t approve of killing things. If I scoop the critter up and take it outside the cats are confused and continue to look for it, mew pathetically, and sulk FOR HOURS. So, I kill it and then leave it on the floor for a few minutes so they think they’ve killed it themselves. It gives them time to circle it, realize the threat has been neutralized, and feel some feline pride about the whole thing.

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10 Things My Cats Don’t Want Me to Know

Egyptian Maus Smoke and Silver Marbled

There's something we've been hiding...

10. When you’re gone, we go through your stuff and read your journal (some of the stuff you write about is just so adorable).

9. Hemingway’s cats wrote all his books.

8. At night, we mess with the thermostat. We like it warmer, thank you.

7. Stop buying the felt mice. Seriously. We are just playing with them to humor you. We are not that gullible.

6. We get a big laugh out of staring at the wall like we can see ‘something’ there that you can’t. It’s funny when you’re eyes go wide and your hair stands on end.

5. We do climb on your chest and try to steal your breath at night, we just haven’t perfected it yet. Someday, though, someday.

4. We wish you’d watch more NASCAR. We love watching those brightly colored mice go around and around.

3. Those aren’t hang up phone calls; we posted an ad on Craig’s List for a barrel of fresh Salmon (Wild Alaskan, please. King Salmon if at all possible. Top Dollar. Do you accept Diner’s Club?)

2. As kittens we all attend human behavior and psychology classes that teach us how to work with you and shape your behavior. (We’re still having trouble teaching you that the bed is OURS, however.)

1. Most of us posses intelligence that is superior to humans, know multiple languages, and we could run the world. But napping all day and watching the squirrels is WAAAAAAAY more fun!

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Maus Make Lousy Executive Admins

I work from home, but like the typical office worker, I’m finding that a good assistant is hard to come by. I need someone who will listen, take the initiative, and follow through on important projects.

My assistant is named Serenity. She’s a four year old silver marbled Egyptian Mau cat.  The funny thing is that I don’t really remember interviewing her or hiring her for the job. She’s self-appointed, I guess. Here’s a typical exchange between us:

While I’ve tried everything I know to make it work, she’s just not working out as an assistant.

  • I tried getting her a new chair. Her sister took that over.
  • I’ve tried giving her the day off. She doesn’t take the hint. Apparently, she has nothing better to do than to try to ‘help’ me work.
  • I’ve tried locking her out of the office completely, but she sits outside the door and wails as if her heart has been torn out.

When I shared my dilemma with friends on Facebook recently, it was my friend Patrick who shed light on the problem: Cats can’t be assistants; they’re born CEOs!

Patrick is right. It was never going to work with me bossing Serenity around. So now I let her call the shots around the office. We’re not making any money, of course, but we do snack and nap a lot. And really, that’s kinda cool too.

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