Adopting Egyptian Mau Kittens

Finding the Right Kitten

I’m a big believer in adopting the right pet for your home. It’s not like picking out socks, people. Cats are not ‘all alike’. Far from it. Different breeds have different personalities, needs, and health issues. It’s best for both of you if it’s the right match (like dating, but maybe more serious) so you’ll get along and enjoy each other.

Egyptian Mau kitten, smoke color

Neit, our smoke Egyptian Mau kitten, tries to interfere with the camera strap.


Researching Cat Breeds and Breeders

My husband did his usual guerilla reseach technique on the web, looking for information about various breeds and breeders and printing everything out for my review. We narrowed our interest to Siberians, Egyptian Maus, and Singaporas.  Having both admired Egyptian Maus at cat shows we’d attended, we favored that breed but what we read scared us a little. Intelligent -great! Active – hmmm…. could be a problem. My husband worked from home at the time and wondered if a Mau would be disruptive. Egyptian Maus are known to strongly bond with their owners. Would he have a full-time leech, a needy toddler, or a contented co-worker? We’d had older persians for years, so could we handle an active, attention-seeking kitten? Could we hand any kitten at all? It had been 14 years since we’d had tiny, furry feet in the house! Panic started to set in… 

Despite our reservations, we gravitated toward the Egyptian Mau and luckily found a breeder just a few hours away. After emailing and reviewing the breeders website, we were impressed. She required we fill out a lengthy questionnaire about our motives, knowledge of cats, experience etc. It seemed this breeder wasn’t giving out kittens to the first person in line and we really appreciated that approach. It matched our own sensitivity about finding the right new family member.

The Maus Found Us

One Saturday we noticed a cat show in our area and decided to go to scout out the kittens, the breeders, and the breeds. And there was the Egyptian Mau breeder we’d been emailing! She was a last minute entry to the show. In fact, also spur of the moment, she’d decided to bring some of the kittens she had for sale.

We talked with the breeder for over an hour and observed the kittens. After awhile we came up with a plan; adopt two instead of one. They would be company for each other and possibly less likely to bug my husband. And it was so much fun to watch them play together. We’d never had siblings before, so it was an intriguing idea for us.

We picked out our kittens and went home to prepare for them, agreeing to pick them up the next day at the show. More on preparations in my next post…

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