The ‘I Want’ Ad by The Animal Humane Society

I don’t know how I missed this wonderful PSA for the Animal Humane Society when it was posted last year, but maybe you missed it, too. In that case, please check it out.

Ok, so if you’re a Negative Nelly you might say it’s wrong to personify cats as people by having them talk, and that it’s too manipulative. To that I’d say, you’re cats don’t talk to you??

And so what if this commercial is manipulative. That’s what good advertising is supposed to do; make you take action. And the Animal Humane Society has so many wonderful little four-legged souls that really do need their nails done and someone to love. I hope this commercial inspires you or someone you pass it on to. I already have two little souls in my house, so when I see this ad – especially the part about needing a warm belly to sleep on – I go grab my cat Serenity, and teary-eyed, I give her a big hug. Because she loves a warm belly and it’s good for me to remember how much we need each other.

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