Maus Make Lousy Executive Admins

I work from home, but like the typical office worker, I’m finding that a good assistant is hard to come by. I need someone who will listen, take the initiative, and follow through on important projects.

My assistant is named Serenity. She’s a four year old silver marbled Egyptian Mau cat.  The funny thing is that I don’t really remember interviewing her or hiring her for the job. She’s self-appointed, I guess. Here’s a typical exchange between us:

While I’ve tried everything I know to make it work, she’s just not working out as an assistant.

  • I tried getting her a new chair. Her sister took that over.
  • I’ve tried giving her the day off. She doesn’t take the hint. Apparently, she has nothing better to do than to try to ‘help’ me work.
  • I’ve tried locking her out of the office completely, but she sits outside the door and wails as if her heart has been torn out.

When I shared my dilemma with friends on Facebook recently, it was my friend Patrick who shed light on the problem: Cats can’t be assistants; they’re born CEOs!

Patrick is right. It was never going to work with me bossing Serenity around. So now I let her call the shots around the office. We’re not making any money, of course, but we do snack and nap a lot. And really, that’s kinda cool too.

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