My Cat’s Daily Agenda

The other day I found Serenity’s Day Planner hidden behind the litter box. Here’s her schedule from Monday Feb. 9, 2015:

5-6 am – Wake the people up before the alarm goes off. WAAAY before.

6:15 am  – Get the people downstairs to feed me.

6:30- 7 am – Run around the house like I’m being chased or chasing something even though there is nothing there.

7:30 am – Find the warm spot in the bed the people left and sleep.

11:30 am – Bug the one people that stays at home to feed me lunch.

12:00 – Run around the house. Find my sister and irritate her until she hisses or bites me.

12:30 pm – Back to bed for much-needed rest.

2:00 pm – Get up. Rub my face on stuff.

2:30 pm – Chew on the blind’s pull cord in the hallway. Do this until yelled at.

3:00 pm – Nap

4:30 pm – Dinner.

5-7 pm – Free time.

7:00 pm – Prance in front of the TV while the people watch me.

8:00 pm – Push my toys under the closet door or couch. Maybe both.

9:00 pm – Sit on warm belly of the female person. Purr if she doesn’t get all fidgety.

10:00 pm  – Start meowing at the people that it’s time to go to bed.

11:00 pm – Finally! Sleep!



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