What My Cats and NASCAR Have in Common

Serenity shows off  her racing stripes

Serenity shows off her racing stripes.

 Brought to you by the
Egyptian Mau Racing Team

My cats don’t eat; they refuel. A quick pit stop for salmon treats and they’re right back out on the track, ready to race and bring home the trophy.

Serenity, or silver classic Mau, even has racing stripes on her back. She’s just one pile of freeze dried salmon treats and a few sponsors away from joining NASCAR!

Let me share two important facts about Egyptian Mau cats:

  1. They are the fastest domestic cat, clocked at over 30 miles an hour.
  2.  They are greatly energized immediately after eating.

I’ve watched Persian cats get so sleepy over a meal that they practically fell into the bowl. But Maus not only leave the meal feeling awake, they burn rubber. For at least an hour they race around the house, chasing each other and jockeying for lead position. What they need is an oval track, a pit crew, and a crowd of adoring fans. Or maybe less of those salmon treats.

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