Best Cat Toy Ever: The Cat Tent

It’s a loftly claim, I know, because old standby’s like the paper bag and ball of yarn have been standard cat toys forever. I don’t generally find store bought toys to be at all superior to the average household object. An empty box (aka ‘cat trap’) keeps my girls entertained for hours and sometimes days. But then this cat tent came into our lives and changed everything.

I’m tempted to call this a Kitty PupTent, but that sounds like a mixed metaphor. Whatever its name, it’s hands down the best toy my cats have ever had. This one, orange with a camouflage pattern of cats, birds, and rabbits, is from Ikea and was a gift from my friend Deirdre (fellow cat lover).

Camouflage cat tent

Serenity claims squatters rights on the tent

The instant I put the cat tent together Serenity, our classic silver Mau, made it her own. She never gave her sister a chance to even try it out. It has been her home base and her safety spot ever since.  She sits in it, she sleeps in it, and occasionally, well, she does this:

We’ve had this tent for a couple of years now and it shows little sign of destruction despite it’s obvious abuse. It never comes apart either. Paws up to whoever made this thing. You’ve made my cat very happy.

Why adopt a cat?
Why my cat is hungry every two hours. 

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