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Mau is Egyptian for Cat

Dot waved us off with “Have fun! They’ll change your life!”

Egyptian Mau Kittens -classic mau and smoke

Serenity and Neit at 4 months.

Those words from our Egyptian Mau kitten’s breeder still ring in my ears today. We were caring off our two female kittens – one silver marbled and one smoke – in their new cat carrier. We had already picked out their names the night before: Serenity for the silver and Neit (Egyptian for ‘huntress) for the smoke.┬áMy husband and I have had many cats over the years; cute and puffy Persians (3), a Russian Blue mix, and a Main Coon mix. Eyptian Maus were new to us and were thrilled to have found the exotic breed we’d admired and read about it.

Indeed they have changed our lives, as Dot predicted. At least, they’ve changed my life enough that here I am blogging about life with them.┬áMaus really are a different breed and we were somewhat unprepared for how different and how classically ‘cat like’ they really are. We’d gotten off easy with Persians. We just didn’t know it yet.

Their kittenhood was more like the terrible two’s of squirrels on crack. I’m not sure how we survived it. They are smart, highly energetic, and athletic – and it took a lot of creativity and patience on our part to deal with some of their feline shenanigans.

Now adults, they continue to amuse, educate, and challenge us daily. They are an absolute joy in our lives.

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