Why My Cat is Hungry Every Two Hours

My Egyptian Mau Serenity is always hungry. Not just the ‘she could eat if you gave her something’ kind of hungry, but begging to be fed, dancing around my legs meowing kind of hungry. I’ve never had a cat that wanted to eat as much as she does. And this got me to wondering why she is so hungry all the time. The answer, in the form of a drawing, came to me pretty quickly after observing her for a day.

cat stomach

Serenity is a bit like a goat and eats everything; cat toys, stuff on the floor, dried flowers and plants, carpet fuzz (that she’s dug up with her own claws), and bugs. As a result, I estimate (see drawing above) that she only has one quarter of the capacity of her little feline stomach left for actual food. The other three quarters is full of junk she’s eaten that’s not exactly food.

Anyone know how to vacuum out a cat’s stomach?

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